About Us

O'Connor Concrete - BSI Approved Concrete To Your Requirement

O’Connor concrete are part of the O’Connor group and we offer quality concrete and service at Competitive rates.

Now we have a service which offers concrete direct to builders, construction companies and the general public who need concrete delivered and poured exactly where it is needed and at the time that suits.

At O’Connor Concrete we are different! Here’s why:

  • There is no waste.
  • No extra carriage charges.
  • No job too big or too small
  • Free technical advice


  • You get the exact amount of concrete you require.
  • Fresh concrete every time (mixed on site)
  • Free site call-outs


readymix concrete manchester

How much do I require ?
We can work that out, but have the flexibility to change that on deliver too.

Will I have too much or not enough ?
No we will drop exactly what you require

Will I have waste to remove afterwards ?
No we drop exactly what you need and leave no waste to clean up.

Will I get any extra hidden charges added ?
No again, you will get charged for the concrete delivered and not empty space on a mixer.

Can I order extra ?
Yes we can increase or decrease the amount you need instantly.

Can I cancel if the weather is bad ?
Yes no charges here

What mix or consistency do I need ?
We can sort that and advise accordingly.

Is my base dug out sufficiently ?
A free site call can offer that advise before hand.

Do I need an account ?
No we can accept card or cash too.

Anything else you need to ask ? Just drop us a line …..