How much do I require ?
We can work that out, but have the flexibility to change that on deliver too.

Will I have too much or not enough ?
No we will drop exactly what you require

Will I have waste to remove afterwards ?
No we drop exactly what you need and leave no waste to clean up.

Will I get any extra hidden charges added ?
No again, you will get charged for the concrete delivered and not empty space on a mixer.

Can I order extra ?
Yes we can increase or decrease the amount you need instantly.

Can I cancel if the weather is bad ?
Yes no charges here

What mix or consistency do I need ?
We can sort that and advise accordingly.

Is my base dug out sufficiently ?
A free site call can offer that advise before hand.

Do i need an account ?
No we can accept card or cash too.

Anything else you need to ask ? Just drop us a line …..