Floor Screed

Floor Screed Delivered Fast

Our floor screed is a cementitious material usually made from a 1:4 ratio of cement to sharp sand with fibres but can be made specifically to your requirement.

O’Connor Concrete can offer Sand & Cement screed with or without fibres for any floor screeding solution, our trucks offer on-site mixing and can drop material as close to the required end use as possible, alleviating over or under ordering and barrowing longer distances.

Floor screed can be applied in two ways as follows:

  1. Applied to Solid in-situ concrete ground floor slab
  2. Applied onto a precast concrete floor unit


Please get in touch with your project requirements and we will be able to help provide advice on the best type and ratio of floor screed to use for your given situation.

Our Floor Screed is mixed fresh on site to your exact specification.

Floor screed is ideal for large scale construction projects as it can be delivered in mass but we also deliver floor screed to small scale projects for builders and home owners.

For a quick quotation on floor screed please first use our concrete quantity calculator to work out how much floor screed you need for your project and then make a quotation request on our “Request A Quote” page.

Floor Screed For Outdoor Use Under Flags

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Floor Screed For Foundations

floor screed manchester

Floor Screed For Indoor Use

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